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Hello, my name is Michele.
I knew at a young age I anted to be an artist. I took my first art classes before the age of 10, but as a pre-teen into teenage years I did not appreciate the gift I was given. I became a trouble youth and got involved with the wrong crowd getting caught up in an abusive relationship leading to destructive cycles. My dreams of going into the Army, following my Dad's footsteps, were crushed, as well as my dreams of going to college. I was a shell of the person I used to be, and it took countless years of soul searching, therapy, guidance from mentors, and learning to trust God again. I learned the more I got outside of my box and gave to another person I healed more, and I experienced more joy and richness in my life. My art is truly a gift that help me get grounded and heal within...heal all the pain I buried for so long from my past. I became an accomplished portrait artist. Most importantly, my art gave me solace and a space to heal, grow and learn about myself. Through art I portrayed where I was in life at the moment, and my inspiration for my work continues to be my experiences in life, which guides my spirit.
Today, I feel grateful for my life filled with family and true friends, which is displayed in all my butterflies and the new life and freedom they represent. I do volunteer work in the community helping others in need, and I donate pieces of art for fundraisers and partial proceeds of my art to worthy non-profit organizations in community. I am also involved in Criminal Justice reform and supporting efforts in ending Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
I speak where I can about my journey so far and the experience of enduring an abusive situation as a teenager. Today, I am not just living, I am thriving! 
I AM A GRATEFUL SURVIVOR AND ARTIST on a journey to make this world a more beautiful place with my art.


If you have a question about me or my art or perhaps a special commission please feel free to CONTACT ME.

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